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Lotus Wire Ring, Expandable

With roots secured in the mud, a stem that grows through water, and a flower that lies pristinely above, the lotus signifies the progression of the soul. This Lotus Charm also incorporates the higher power of a harmonious spirit with the Om symbol. Wear...


Love Ring

Love: the most powerful four-letter word in the English language. It has the power to make the impossible, possible. When you live your life with love in your heart, you bring light to the world around you.

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Lucky Ring Wrap

Each person has a unique life story, and the way we adorn ourselves helps to speak our truth. Keep a little luck wrapped around your finger. The best accessory is one that reflects who you are as an individual.

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Malachite Gemstone Signet Ring

Malachite is called the master healer of our time. Resembling the Earth herself, it embodies the properties of lush, green, open plains. It's thought to bring deep healing through all transitions and areas of growth. This stone is believed to clear, align,...


Moon + Star Ring Wrap

Through the darkness, the crescent moon and star symbolize light. These bright celestial bodies remind us that light is always with us - even in the darkest nights. Wear it as a reminder that light and hope are always with you, even when you don't think...


Moon Charm Necklace + Crystal Ring Gift Set

Glowing softly against the black canvas sky, the Moon reflects the light of the sun. Ruler of the water, she controls the ebb and flow of the tides, cycles of change, and transformation. The Moon is an eternal reminder that light is ever-present in our...


Mother of Pearl Cocktail Ring

Mother of pearl exudes nurturing energy, and is thought to relieve stress by soothing and calming the emotions. Wear it and feel the calming force of the ocean.

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Number 1 Spoon Ring

One is the number of beginnings and unity, the essence of existence. Self-reliant and motivated, people who embody this number's principles are natural leaders, innovators, and born pioneers. Typically listening to themselves before others, they achieve...


Number 11 Spoon Ring

With double the independent, driven qualities of the number one, number eleven is a master of intuition. Level-headed, compassionate, and excellent at communication, people who embody this number are known to have a keen spiritual perception. Be in touch...


Number 2 Spoon Ring

Two is the number of reflection and duality, sun and moon, and partnerships. People who embody this number are empathic and intuitive. They're known to provide emotional support and encouragement. They direct their time and energy to the underdog. Twos...


July 26, 2021